The Foundations of Wealth

Building Wealth

When building a house it's important to start with the foundation first. Same with your finances! We start by helping our clients get organised, create the right habits and set the goals that really matter to them.

Step One

Where is your money going? Taking a look at what's coming in the door and the cost to roll out of bed (yep; rent, mortgage, bills, car, all get paid first), we work out how much of the remaining dollars you want to spend and enjoy now. This entails understanding your current financial status, evaluating income sources, and comprehensively examining expenses. By meticulously analysing these elements, it becomes possible to identify areas for improvement, streamline expenditures, and optimise the use of available resources.

The critical starting point involves setting clear, personalised financial goals. These goals are not merely arbitrary figures but meaningful aspirations tailored to an individual's desires and dreams. These goals serve as guiding lights, steering financial decisions and habits towards a defined purpose.

Next: Where do we put the rest? Is there a rest?

The Rest: Allocation and Investment

This phase involves the strategic allocation of surplus funds towards various financial instruments and assets. It includes considering savings accounts, emergency funds, retirement accounts, investments, and other avenues that contribute to long-term financial security and growth.

Step by step, a comprehensive financial strategy involves aligning various financial elements—bank accounts, budgeting, retirement funds (such as superannuation), insurance coverage, and investments—with the overarching wealth accumulation plan. This meticulous approach ensures that each financial component complements and reinforces the others, working together to serve the greater goal of financial prosperity.


The foundations of wealth are not built overnight. They are laid through careful planning, disciplined habits, and strategic decision-making. By starting with a clear understanding of one’s financial situation and goals, individuals can carve a path toward financial security and abundance.

At Visia, we understand the importance of these foundational elements. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through the process of organising their finances, establishing sound financial habits, and developing a plan that aligns with their unique aspirations. By focusing on these core principles, we aim to empower individuals to create a robust financial foundation that propels them towards their envisioned wealth and financial freedom.


Kora Drage, Director, Financial Planner, AFP®, SMSF Specialist™