Business Owners

Business & Financial Stability

The journey of entrepreneurship and business ownership brings a sense of control and the ability to shape one's financial destiny. However, the demands of running a business often consume the focus, leaving little time and energy to manage personal finances. At the core of this challenge lies a unique set of dilemmas that require astute decision-making. Our focus is to aid business owners in navigating these challenges by providing comprehensive support in key areas to ensure both business success and personal financial stability.

The Business-Personal Finance Balancing Act

Entrepreneurs and business owners face a continual stream of decisions, both significant and mundane, related to their business operations. Amidst the myriad demands of entrepreneurship, personal financial matters often take a backseat. Our role is to assist in addressing this imbalance, ensuring that personal financial well-being receives the attention it deserves.

We understand the need for a dual focus—enhancing business prosperity while safeguarding personal financial security. By bridging the gap between business demands and personal financial management, we aim to relieve business owners of the burden associated with navigating these complexities. Recognising the distinct financial challenges faced by business owners, our services are tailored to address pivotal aspects that intertwine business success and personal financial stability.

Insurance Advice: Protection and Risk Mitigation

Business owners are often the key individuals driving the success of their enterprises. Protecting these key individuals and ensuring their personal guarantees, irrespective of business circumstances, is imperative. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive insurance advice to shield these key persons, mitigating risks and safeguarding their personal financial interests.

Diversification: Wealth Beyond the Business

Entrepreneurs might find a significant portion of their wealth tied to their businesses. However, a diversified portfolio is crucial to mitigate risks and ensure financial resilience. Our focus is on guiding business owners to diversify their assets, ensuring that their business isn’t the sole asset in their portfolio. We work alongside our clients to explore and implement diverse investment strategies to safeguard against over-dependence on their businesses.

Business Succession Planning: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Planning for the future is vital, particularly regarding the eventual exit from the business. Our collaboration involves working closely with accountants, lawyers, and finance brokers to devise a comprehensive business succession plan. This plan ensures a seamless exit strategy when the time is right, whether it’s through a sale, transfer of ownership, or other appropriate strategies. By facilitating a structured approach to business succession, we aim to secure a financially sound transition.

Holistic Approach for Sustainable Success

Our commitment goes beyond providing singular services. We believe in a holistic approach that integrates various financial aspects, encompassing both business and personal realms. Collaborating with business owners and their trusted financial advisors, we create tailored strategies that align personal and business financial interests.

Our goal is to empower business owners, allowing them to focus on driving business growth while we take charge of fortifying their personal financial foundations. By offering specialised support in pivotal areas, we aim to relieve the pressure and uncertainties associated with managing both business and personal finances simultaneously.

At Visia, our mission is to serve as partners in the financial journey of business owners. By delivering expert guidance and support in key financial areas, we strive to foster a balanced, sustainable approach that ensures the prosperity of both business and personal financial endeavors.


Kora Drage, Director, Financial Planner, AFP®, SMSF Specialist™