Attention millennials: Here is our travel guide for you!

February 6, 2020

“Live with no excuses, and travel with no regrets” – Oscar Wilde

There are a few things in life more rewarding, enlightening and life affirming than the joy of travel. And yet, for a large portion of millennials, feelings of guilt and shame are preventing an entire generation from taking the plunge, screaming ‘yolo’ and trotting the globe.

There are several reasons for this, from the boss indirectly discouraging us from taking of time off, to interpersonal and family commitments, we could keep going…. But one of the biggest, and most pervasive, sources of millennial guilt when it comes to the idea of travelling…is $$$$. Can we get an amen?

Don’t worry folks, your pals here at Visia have got you covered. Here are five budgeting tips for guilt-free travel in 2020.


One of the biggest travel expenses right out of the gate are the flights and transport costs. Lucky for all you budding adventurers out there, then, that we have some nifty info on how to help get the most bang for your transport buck. Have you considered signing up for an airline rewards program? These loyalty systems can be a fantastic way to accrue miles and points that can then be cashed in for flights. Also, public transport and bicycle hire are always going to be cheaper than car fees, and healthier for you and the environment too! Cha-ching!


No one wants their inbox spammed into oblivion by a bunch of random websites just in case a worthwhile deal might one day come your way, but what if we said that there’s a quick hack to get the most out of signing up to websites such as Groupon, Cudo and Luxury Escapes without having to dirty up your nice, clean inbox? Just create a new email address specifically for subscriptions and deals. Too easy! These sites can often help you save between 50%-65% on your vacays so (getting them on your radar is totally worth it). Trust us, you will thank us later while you are at your resort having a pina colada.


Travel can be a priceless, life-enriching experience that deserves to take as much precedence as other priorities in your life. Mind-body-soul baby! If the urge to travel is too strong to deny, redirect a portion of your savings towards your travel goals every month. Just remember to be mindful of your other financial obligations at the same time. Only put aside what you can absolutely afford to. Nothing is going to burst your travel bubble like coming home from an amazing trip to find that you can’t make the water bill.


We’ve all been there – desperate to travel, frustrated with how slowly our own vacation fund seems to be coming together, and then BAM! An invitation to a destination celebration drops into our laps. These “pop-up” travel opportunities can (and often will) completely undo whatever hard budgeting work you’ve been putting in up to that point and will frequently lead to huge amounts of credit card debt being racked up. Keep your eye on the prize!


The popularity of shorter vacations is at an all-time right now, and the reason for this is the new trend, popularised by millennials, of taking “micro-vacations”. Generally speaking, “micro-cations” refer to any leisure trip, consisting of four nights or less, that can accommodate to work schedules while also providing great opportunities to hit more travel spots in shorter periods of time. Micro-vacations are definitely not for everyone, but if the idea of taking multiple short vacations and experiencing a high number of travel destinations each year sounds good to you, then give it a shot!

Speak to your pals at Visia today, we are here to ensure that your goals aren’t such a distant dream.

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