Is a Financial Adviser Really Worth It?

June 23, 2019

“Okay I need help, but is a financial adviser really worth it?”

You have no idea how often we hear this. Too many to count, that is for sure. Most people know that a financial adviser will add value, but the question we get asked is if that value can justify the fees.

Short answer – YES!

The burning question is often followed by some heavy breathing and an onslaught of further questions. “What are the average costs?”, “is the fee is reasonable?”, “should I hire an investment adviser or financial planner?”.

Firstly, pause and take it all in! We are here to help you. If you are already thinking about the need for an adviser, then the value is clearly already established. A good financial adviser can do wonders for your financial life.

An impartial third-party is everything:

At the end of the day, a good adviser can be the single thing that saves you from one terrible decision that will cost you more in the long run. Need we say more? Because we play Big Brother on your finances, there is no escaping the plan we put into place.

A little help can go a long way for those #futuregoals:

Who else is bogged down by life? When you think about the plethora of things that make up life, it can get overwhelming. With the help of a financial adviser, we will ensure your goals are clear and the means to get there are even clearer. If you fit under this category of ‘adulting’, then an adviser can be the exact thing you need to leave you at ease.

We do more than just tell you to invest:

Yep, that is definitely one of our hats. However, it is not the only hat we wear. The role of an adviser is to help you achieve your goals. None of us can truly say we are 100% there with the progression of our goals. That’s where we come in and make things happen. If making things happen is a priority to you, then so should working with a competent adviser.

When should I get a financial adviser?

An excellent adviser will always look at things as a bigger picture, we assess all your financial situation, outline any hurdles and we help you achieve your goals. Through the various milestones of life, we can be your guide, ensuring everything is smooth! Our value can be seen throughout your life journey. Paying for education – check, buying a house – check, getting married – check, having a baby – check, retiring – check, or inheriting assets -check. Depending on where you are in life, we are here to smoothen the bumpy road.

Lets #collab ! Working together in order to achieve your goals is what we are here to do. Whether you feel at a total loss, you want a second opinion, or you just don’t like navigating the realm of finance on your own – your pals at Visia Financial Services are here to help.

Kora Drage is an Authorised Representative of Financial Wisdom Limited ABN 70 006 646 108, AFSL 231138. The information contained in this article may contain general advice. It does not take into account your financial circumstances and objectives. You should consider talking to a financial adviser and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a financial decision. Any views and opinions provided in this article may not reflect the views and opinions of Financial Wisdom Limited.

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