‘We’re Watching’: The Tool of Visibility

April 19, 2019

So you’ve made the call; “I am going to be honest with myself and take a look at where my money is going! But where am I going to hide all my bad habits..?”

We hear you loud and clear! Putting your financial situation and spending on display can be a daunting task. Perhaps you have been doing a little too much online shopping lately, you went out for dinner a handful more times than anticipated and I mean, you really did neeeeed that new phone. We have all been there, don’t sweat it. Even the best of us have had times where we spent everything we earned, and when we went to check our bank balance, we were less than ecstatic.

A competent Financial Adviser will use this tool of visibility as a stepping stone for your success – we are not here to throw those stepping stones at your glass house.

Having been there and done that, this is a no-judgement zone. We are here to help you make smarter financial decisions rather than look down on what’s brought you to our door– we are here to make your life a smooth sail through any twist and turn.

Here are three prime reasons why it is more than okay to stay transparent with your adviser:

1. Expert eyes

Having the ability to cut corners and stay focussed can often be beyond us. not everyone is a money expert. Sometimes when we acknowledge this, letting go and allowing a pro in the field to keep watch for us can be exactly what it takes to be more aware of our spending. An adviser will be able to pick up on patterns right away and this collaboration will allow for both parties to meet a happy medium. Also, having knowledge that we have eyes on us at all times can be just what we need to rethink a purchase decision. Remember, Big Brother is watching…

2. Keep you in check constantly

Having self-discipline is an art. Most of us haven’t mastered this art form and that is okay. This is exactly why we go to a pro for help! An adviser will work with you in goal setting and implementing a financial plan. When you go astray and give into life’s temptation, your good old adviser is there to keep you in check.

3. If you have a hard habit to kick, they will help you through it

Some of us have a weakness for online shopping (okay more like 95% of us), a handful of us love eating out 3-4 times a week and the rest of us are victims of impulse shopping. The list goes on and on, all of which consist of counter productive spending habits. Perhaps, you never realised you had this habit because it has become an inherent part of your week. This is where the trusty Financial Adviser will swoop in and save you. Financial Adviser. Our job is to identify those factors that are not helping you gain success, these include those habits that often slip through the cracks. Don’t worry, we won’t quit until that habit is kicked!

Transparency is a tool for success not a conduit for mockery. We all start from somewhere, and we applaud you for taking steps to secure your financial victory. It takes courage and a lot of conviction to allow a professional into your space, and we are honoured that you are leaving your trust with us. At Visia Financial Services, we are all about helping our clients win at life by smashing their goals.

Kora Drage is an Authorised Representative of Financial Wisdom Limited ABN 70 006 646 108, AFSL 231138. The information contained in this article may contain general advice. It does not take into account your financial circumstances and objectives. You should consider talking to a financial adviser and read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a financial decision. Any views and opinions provided in this article may not reflect the views and opinions of Financial Wisdom Limited.

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